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amp integration

Implementing Accelerated Mobile Page technology and methodoligies into your website. Doing so will increase your SEO scores and ranking, and give Mobile Users a Mobile-Friendly experience.


$200 / site

Implement AMP pages on your Shopify or WordPress website

  • Increase your mobile-friendliness easily
  • Increase SEO score
  • Improve Google Search Console results


$400 / site

Use a custom AMP theme to set yourself from your competitors

  • Increased SEO score
  • Improved Google Search Console results
  • Competitors in awe of your AMP pages

seo analysis

I will run diagnostics on your website to find out your Search Engine Optimization score. From there, I will tell you where you should improve, and the course of action to increase the score and let more traffic flow into your website.


$100 / site

I will run diagnostics on your site to check your SEO score and standing

  • See where your SEO score stands
  • See how to improve your SEO score
  • Obtain a long-run plan to increase traffic


$300 / site

I will diagnose your sites SEO score, and make changes to increase it for you

  • Increased SEO score
  • Improved ranking on Google Searches
  • Reduced bounce rate and Google crawl errors

custom code

If you need something to function a certain way, I will work with you to make it work the way you want. We could bend the functionality of a WordPress or Shopify plugin, or make a new one altogether!

My best languages are javascript, php, and liquid. If the project is on Shopify or WordPress, things should run swimmingly.


$25 / hour

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If a feature on your website is misbehaving, I can fine tune it to your liking. They broke it, you name it, I fix it. I'm like internet flex tape.


$40 / hour

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Contact me to talk about your functionality idea. We can make a plan of action, figure out pricing, and figure out what's best for you from there.

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