Read this page to find the answers to interesting questions like why I am chosen by many big businesses to make their websites.


why big names choose me

I stick to deadlines and can do many things autonomously as opposed to others. Some may ask for every single detail before starting a project, but I know where my people are coming from, and can find a solution for them without bogging them down with thousands of questions.

my course of action

Trying to solve the problem without much more work from the client is ideal,
but some projects can be tricky and need insight on the direction they want to head.

diagnose the problem
I find out as much information as possible on my own

consult my contact
I'll consolidate and send a list of things I need more information on

solve the problem
Once I know what I need to know, I solve the problem

lets get in touch

Send me an email, and we can get talking about your next project within a few days. If you would like to talk, include your preferred method of communication.