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A college sophomore with real world work experience who is eager to learn more and solve problems.

I know what you're thinking. How is that statement true or possible? In order to stay afloat in this ever-evolving world of computers is to jump right in. I knew that I wanted to do web development for quite some time before even getting to high school, and I decided to start really dedicating myself to the profession.

You see, when students graduate from college, of course they have the degree. All this degree proves is that this person can:

The content this person learned regarding computers is baseline or very broad. Yes I can reverse an array in Java, but if a client wants you to link Shopify with a booking system technology with Zapier, although it is simple they wouldn't know where to start.

Anyways, I got enough knowledge to get an internship, and I started getting real world experience (whilist also working towards my degree). I'm getting the best end of both spectrums here. Now I know what the actual workforce is like, and I can hopefully apply what I see in school directly to my job, if it matches up at all.


Learning something new every day.

The amount of ideas I have is intangible, but the client work and miscellaneous projects I have done for fun is not. Check out the web apps, design sprints, or normal web development from my past.


If you want to discuss a cool project, or just want to drop a comment, do it here!